November 16, 2006

Introduction and Overview

  1. -Kristine M. Gebbie, DrPH, RN
    Elizabeth Standish Gill Professor of Nursing
    Director, Center for Health Policy, Columbia University School of Nursing

Keynote Address: Myth Buster

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he HRSA-funded New York-New Jersey Public Health Training Center (NYNJ PHTC), committed to fostering academic/practice collaborations that will strengthen the public health workforce, sponsored the Third Public Health Nursing Summits on December 6, 2007, in partnership with the New Jersey State Department of Health. These forums are designed to support development of a shared vision of the contribution that well-educated public health nurses can make to public health agencies, and the education that can prepare new graduates to make such contributions.

There have now been three Public Health Nursing Summits held in New Jersey.  These meetings have brought together senior public health nurses from local public health agencies, faculty responsible for teaching public health in baccalaureate nursing programs, and representatives of the State Department of Health, New Jersey State Nurses Association, the New Jersey Collaborating Center for Nursing, Rutgers College of Nursing and the PHTC.

Strengthening the Partnership for Public Health Nursing in New Jersey:

A Meeting for Public Health Nursing Educators and Public Health Nursing Practice Leaders

November 16, 2006

  1. -Susan J. Zahner, DrPH, RN

Keynote Address: Questions and Answers

  1. -Susan J. Zahner, DrPH, RN

- Connie G. Bareford, RN, PhD, APN, BC

     William Paterson University

- Stacy Dakake, RN MSN

      Riverdale Board of Health

Critical Issues for Preparing Students
for Public Health Nursing
  1. -Kristine M. Gebbie, DrPH, RN